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Daniel D'Neuville
D'Neuville Training Systems
Fort Worth, TX 76137

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"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing..." Helen Keller

Peak Performance Coaching

Mind Training

Transformational Seminars

Daniel D'Neuville (DAY-NO-vee) is a communications expert, accomplished in both inter-personal (with others) and intra-personal (this is inner space, communication with one's self). He is dedicated to the adventure of "living with the joy of being fully human." His business is the people business.

With 35 plus years (Let's just say a lot) of intense inquiry into the human condition, he says he still doesn't have "THE ANSWER," but admits, he does have some pretty darn good ideas about how it all works.

Twenty five plus years as a business leader in multiple industries, 23 years as a master practitioner & trainer in the field of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotist and coach, Daniel is considered an expert in human behavior and performance.

A sought after international speaker and workshop presenter, he is a leader in developing conscious awareness, advanced mind skills, and the full realization of human potential.

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Introduction to the utilization of the natural of trance and conversational influence

Intensive Training

Read body language like a Professional
Becoming a trained observer and conversant in this critical aspect of communication!

One Day Intensive Training

10:30 AM - 4:00 PM

 October 4, 2014
North Forth Worth, TX


Hear Daniel Speak Around Town:

The Grand Illusion; the unreality of your reality

September 7th      Dallas, TX
 hosted by DFW IONS




Redesign your beliefs, eliminate self sabotage, and align your heart with your mind and body


 Breathwork & Meditation INTENSIVE

One day intensives in September & October

Essential Mind Training in Focusing the Mind

Learn to utilize the power of dynamic breathing and 5 other focusing techniques

September and October Sessions

What other's are saying about Daniel:

"Daniel is like Yoda on steroids..." Mark G.

"Just by being in Daniel's presence you feel bigger, greater, and more enlivened." Diane H.

"Calm and serene, there is an undeniable intensity to his mind... he doesn't miss a thing..." Jeff P.

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